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Electrical Trace Heating & Thermal Insulation Installers

Powertech is one of the leading providers of bespoke pump house electrical installation services and also offers electrical trace heating installation and thermal insulation services. Our company was established in 2008 and has since then racked up an incredible reputation in the industry. Power Tech is known for its ability to handle even the toughest of contracts effortlessly and on time. The company is dedicated to providing only the best and highest quality services to industrial and commercial clients.

What makes Power Tech your number 1 choice?

• Hundreds of installations carried out since 2008 - we have the experience and expertise to handle even the most challenging of contracts

• Certified NICEIC electrical contractor - so you can rest assured that you are working with an accredited company

• All of our team members hold nationally recognised industry qualifications

• A highly professional, personable and efficient service, backed by our service guarantee

• Fast efficient service with your project being completed on time, every time

• A genuine integrity about the quality of our work - hence our strapline 'integrity at work'

• UK wide coverage - from Lands End to John O'Groats - we have it covered

• 24 Hour callout service available.

With more than 80% of our work coming from referrals and repeat work we feel this tells its own story.

For your installation project whether big or small, commercial or industrial then

Power Tech have it covered.

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We cover the whole of the UK from our offices in Middlesbrough and Manchester.


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Trace Heating


Trace heating refers to the process of maintaining or raising the temperature of pipes and vessels using specially engineered cables. This comes in handy, especially in winter, when temperatures get extremely cold and below freezing levels. Businesses use trace heating to protect essential pipes and vessels from freezing because of the low temperatures.


In trace heating, specially engineered cables are connected to the pipes or vessels. The electric cables are made of resistant materials. The wires work by replacing the heat loss through powerful output. By connecting a voltage through a wire, a supply of power is produced. The power is later converted into heat energy, which stabilises the temperature of the pipes and vessels.

Power Tech UK Trace Heating Solutions

Power Tech offers a wide range of trace heating solutions. From full trace heating system design to product manufacturing to trace heating installation, our company has a lot to offer. We also offer to test and commission and provide full support for all projects, including pipe frost protection.

As one of the best providers of trace heating solutions, we guarantee high quality and specialised services. We hire professionals to handle the processes of installation, engineering, and commissioning. We also offer very competitive prices.

Thermal Insulation Contractors


Thermal insulation is the process of minimising the transfer of heat between objects in thermal contact. It also applies to objects in a range of radiative influence. The process comprises low thermal conductivity materials that are combined to achieve lower thermal conductivity. The process can be achieved through specially engineered methods and processes. Ideal objects, shapes, and materials can also be applied in thermal conductivity.

Power Tech Thermal Insulation Contracting

Thermal insulation is an important part of modern facility management . Our thermal insulation services will help you conserve heat energy, protect from frost, and control condensation. We will assist you in creating a safe and comfortable environment for your staff. We offer expertly designed thermal insulation methods and installation. We apply thermal insulation as a method of temperature containment. This can be done in various pipework and ductwork like tanks, vessels, heat exchangers, among other applications.

Some of our main thermal insulation services include:

  • Installation of pipework
  • Ductwork installation
  • Metalwork cladding
  • Electric roof heating
  • Acoustic installation and several others

We provide services to a wide range of clients. From large to small businesses, our services are high-quality and reliable. Our experienced contractors will provide you with the best customer care.

Other Services

Apart from thermal insulation and trace heating, we also provide the following services;

Leak detection - Leak detection systems are used to determine if and in some cases where a leak has occurred in systems. The systems are applied in areas containing liquids and gases. Methods like hydrostatic testing, infrared, and laser technology are applied in leak detection. Leak detection aims to help pipeline controllers to detect and localise leaks. It, therefore, helps them in decision-making.

Sprinkler pump house installations We apply professional techniques and processes that ensure high-quality services. We help provide pressure within the system to prevent pressure drops, primarily if the sprinklers use water from the house. We provide a wide range of sprinkler system options from which you can choose. We also offer bespoke sprinkler pump house electrical installation solutions to a wide array of clients.

We provide installation and management leak detection and sprinkler pump house installation services. Our services are available for commercial clients.

The benefits of using Power Tech

Our company offers a wide range of benefits, which are also the reason why you should choose our services. Firstly, we comply with all regulations and recommendations by the government in our services. By doing so, our services are guaranteed to be safe and reliable. Another benefit is that we offer timely services. This means that you do not have to worry about waiting to complete your projects. We commit to a fixed timeframe at the contract stage. Therefore, we ensure that we meet all your schedules and do not slow down your progress.

Also, we employ professional service providers who ensure that you get only the best and highest quality of services. Our team of professionals is highly experienced with years of know-how in the industry. This means that you do not have to worry about the quality of the job done. Additionally, our company has been in the industry for more than a decade. The amount of experience and know-how that we have earned over the years is an assurance that our services are reliable and sufficient. We also use the best equipment in the market. If you are looking for the most experienced and reliable contractors, look no further.

For your installation project whether big or small, commercial or industrial then Power Tech have it covered.

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Power Tech is a dynamic and flexible electrical contractor and electrical installation company specialising in Trace Heating and Leak Detection systems. Power Tech covers the whole of the UK and Ireland, with offices in Middlesbrough and Manchester.

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